Rewarding TV fans with new digital storyworlds online – Part 1

by Etan Vlessing Few call it transmedia anymore, but content creators everywhere are increasingly building fictional storyworlds to engage audiences across multiple platforms. For broadcasters struggling to make their content stand out in an over-saturated media space, the space is especially alluring. The desire to generate a second screen conversation about SundanceTV’s crime thriller The […]

Merging Media 2014: Starz Digital’s David Katz on digital success

by Etan Vlessing The 18th century British wit Samuel Johnson once famously criticized his patron for belated support by describing him as someone who stands on the river bank watching a man drowning, and then “encumbers him with help” when he is safe on shore. Starz Digital Media VP David Katz clearly sides with the […]

Merging Media 5: Can the next Alibaba come from Canada?

by Etan Vlessing Robert Tercek didn’t see Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week share a Beijing stage with Chinese e-commerce billionaire Jack Ma during a trade mission that included Canadian media execs. But Harper may be onto something as Tercek, the U.S. digital guru, on Thursday called on Canada to buck a trend in government-backed […]