4 Production Trends in Digital Industry


Here are 4 production trends in digital industry that have a huge impact on production process in the future.
1. 360 ° production technology
New tool allows companies to create and test situations in the virtual world. For example, it is used to simulate the process of designing and inspecting assembly lines before producing real-life products. Simulation of the manufacturing stage helps reduce production time and ensures the production process takes place according to the company’s plan.
Companies can apply technology solutions to remotely support, allowing people in different locations around the world to connect with each other and solve problems.
2. 3D printing technology

3D printing technology is an important breakthrough in the manufacturing world. It allows us to create organic products that are seamlessly shaped with just one tool. This will increase your ability to upgrade your product design. For example, usually your design needs 6 pieces, 3D printing technology can be done only once without adding processes such as welding or screws.
3D printing technology helps reduce waste by recycling plastic and reducing waiting time. The benefits it brings to the production technology are diverse, which increase the feasibility of products from the toy industry to medical devices.
3. Production on automatic systems
Automation is another important aspect of the industry future. It offers higher levels of accuracy and productivity. This technology can even do well in harsh environments that are not safe for people. Modern robot generation is becoming easier to use. They have voice and image recognition features to perform complex human tasks. Another advantage of robots is that they will do exactly what you require.
4. Build smart factories with cloud computing technology
Besides robots and virtual reality technology, factories are also pushing for improvements using cloud computing and smart sensors. Smart sensors can perform tasks such as converting data into different units of measurement, connecting to other machines, storing statistics, responding and automatically disconnecting devices if any problems to ensure safety.
Internet of Things (IoT) allows us to get accurate information at the right time to make the right decisions. All of this data as well as customer feedback will have a significant impact on research and development activities. Therefore, it can help bring more user experience.

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