Artificial Intelligence – The Revolution in 4.0 Digital Industry


Definition of Artificial Intelligence: (AI) can be defined as an industry of computer science related to the automation of intelligent behaviors. AI is a part of computer science and therefore it must be based on solid theoretical principles, applicable to this field.

At the present time, the term is often used to refer to computers with a certain purpose and science that studies the theories and applications of artificial intelligence. That is, each type of artificial intelligence is currently stopped at the level of computers or supercomputers used to handle a certain kind of work such as controlling a house, studying image recognition, processing data. data of patients to provide treatment regimen, data processing to self-study, ability to answer questions about diagnosis, answer customers about a company’s products. It’s something used to answer emails automatically on Gmail, learn how to drive us to play, rearrange photos of outings into individual albums, and even help manage the house or go shopping .

For instance, Semi-Conductor is an AI capable of tracking your movement as if you are waving in front of an actual symphony orchestra and creating musical works in real time.

To try this interesting AI, go to Semi-Conductor page on Google Chrome browser, allow it to access the webcam, stand back until your hands are outstretched to fit the frame on the site, and start only conductor You don’t have to use regular hand gestures, but Google’s AI will offer you better control of the orchestra.

AI is easy to understand: it is the intelligence of machines created by humans. This intelligence can think, learn, … like human intellect. Data processing at a wider, more scalable, systematic, scientific and faster level than humans.

Many famous technology companies have ambitions to create AI (artificial intelligence) because their value is extremely large, solving many human problems that humanity is not yet solved.

Artificial intelligence brings a lot of value to human life, but there are also potential risks. Many experts worry that when artificial intelligence reaches a certain level of evolution, it is also a time when humanity is eradicated. Many films have exploited this topic with many perspectives, but they all want to warn humans about this particular threat.
Forecasting that from 5 to 10 years, this science will grow to the top. Please look forward to the latest human achievements in this area.

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