Blockchain and AI artificial intelligence changes online education


Blockchain makes data public, transparent to learners, AI helps improve interoperability and teaching with individuals.

The explosion of Internet and new technologies such as Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) have contributed to changing education around the world, forming Online Learning platforms with many advantages.

Mobile Learning predicts the “Next Revolution” of online education

According to research by Global Market Insights, the global online education market is experiencing rapid growth never before seen as the Internet infrastructure platform is getting better and broader. The value of start-ups about global EdTech (Education Technology Company) is estimated at more than US $ 190 billion by 2018 and is expected to exceed US $ 300 billion by 2025.

The organization also predicts the trend of global online education in the coming years as a phone learning method (Mobile Learning). Currently TENTech Group OU is one of the pioneering StartUp in developing its educational ecosystem following this trend.

According to a new report released by another organization, WTEorld Advertising Research Center (WARC), by 2025, about 72.6% of internet users worldwide only access the internet via smart mobile devices (smartphones), equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people (CNBC). WARC also forecasts that only more than 1.3 billion users access the internet through both smartphones and personal computers by 2025. Meanwhile, only 69 million people go online with personal computers. So Mobile Learning is the inevitable development trend, and is predicted to be the “next revolution” in education.

“With the foundation and development strategy focusing on Mobile Learning, we can bring advanced teaching methods and methods to hundreds of millions of learners in a short time and highly effective. I need to simply open the mobile device, ”said Laney Ho, CEO and co-founder of TENTech Group OU.

TEN education foundation

Transparent Enlightened Network (Transparent Enlightened Network) is an online education project that uses block chain technology, smart contracts and artificial intelligence (AI). The project is built with the vision to become a decentralized global online education platform that applies blockchain technology developed by Tentech Group OU.

The TEN ecosystem is focused on humanity and transparency, ensuring data integrity. The TEN platform changes the way people teach and learn by expanding community ecosystems, contributing to opening a new era for online education around the world.
Use Blockchain to increase the completion rate of online courses

In fact, the completion rate of online courses on most platforms is increasingly low. A startup on online education once shared, up to 81% of registered students cannot complete the course, even though they have registered and paid all expenses from the beginning. This rate has even increased in the last 2 years.

Some studies show that this low completion rate comes from the lack of quality courses. Most online courses show a lot of subscribers and high rating scores to attract new students. This comes from the inherent characteristics of centralized data logging, when data is completely controlled by one side, leading to negative and lack of transparency.

To solve the above problem, the TEN online education platform refers to the application of blockchain technology: when learners enroll in a course, data is recorded into a decentralized platform for many purposes. such as confirming the registration, the basis for payment of tuition fees as well as acknowledging the learners’ assessment in a transparent and public way. Since then, increasing trust and learning community.

Personalize learning with artificial intelligence

With online education and especially Mobile Learning, learners will personalize their learning compared to a passive reception of traditional crowds. In particular, TEN focuses on building an advanced curriculum, improving learning speed and instructional strategies optimized for the needs of each learner.

In addition, with the application of artificial intelligence technology (AI) on its foundation, TEN can improve the ability of interaction and teaching with specific individuals, thereby indirectly helping the improvement platform. syllabus system and create new content more optimally in the interaction process of learners. The above operating protocols are fully automated, decentralized and without human intervention.

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