Can a digital game replace the traditional game disc?


Most likely in the future, we will no longer see the traditional game discs, but instead are digital games and store them on the cloud.

Recently, there have been rumors on the gaming site as well as in the gaming community forum that the new Xbox generation will have an additional version or only one version will remove the optical drive. Users only have to download digital games to play and store on the cloud only.

The convenience of digital games compared to traditional game discs. If the industry moves, eliminating the traditional game disc is understandable. Digital games offer a lot more convenience than traditional discs.

Archive disk
The storage of digital games is the first thing gamers feel more convenient than traditional game discs. With the strong rise of platforms such as Steam, GoG, … Players now need only 1 account to be able to own a huge game store hundreds, thousands of different games without wasting area. broken or lost. Every time you want to experience a game, just need a few clicks to finish.

As for the traditional disc, although the collection makes up a significant amount of room space, actually, watching each plate neatly on the rack is very pleasant. But in return, you have to trade off by preserving it carefully if you don’t want to lose a disc or box. Not to mention that if you want to play any game, you must carefully pull the disc out gently if you don’t want to drop and scratch it.


The problem of failure is the superiority of digital game format compared to the traditional game disc. Already a disc, no matter how good it is, how expensive it is that just a few scratches or a broken disk is considered completely lost the amount of money spent buying the game.

While digital games, simply stored on the cloud of the internet, you can download them again at any time if you accidentally delete them. The game is still in your online library. Of course the downside is that players must have a stable network connection and spend a lot of time on large-capacity games.

Sale – discount

This is also another advantage of digital games compared to the traditional game disc when the sale on platforms takes place regularly and continuously for a year. Even old-fashioned games are still on sale and discounted to a bread or bim pack.

As for the traditional physical disc, the discounts are still available but it is not sold too much compared to the original price. Discounts are also more limited than digital games. This may mean that the cost of making a disc and a disc box makes it impossible to sell too aggressively, resulting in capital losses.

Queue to buy

When new games are released, players will not have to push or push or wait for a few days to buy games. You just need to sit home, be patient and wait for the game to click and pay and download.

With the strong rise of the digital game, the market share of traditional game discs is decreasing. Along with a series of low-cost sales, the policy of subsidizing each country has made gamers more and more popular with digital games than traditional game discs. The game industry is still in the beginning of its transition, but traditional game discs still have elements that digital games can never replace.

Change is inevitable in the game industry, maybe someday, digital games will also be replaced by some trend. However, what has become an intangible cultural value will exist, forever will still be remembered by gamers.

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