Can Blockchain Become The Future of Football?


The days when virtual money and blockchain were left out were long gone. This groundbreaking technology has gradually become a center, even in the sports industry. Many people wonder whether blockchain can become the future of football.

We are not just talking about electronic gambling platforms. We are talking about real-world interest and well-known names who are expressing curiosity about how blockchain technology can be incorporated into this fast-paced industry.

According to the BBC, Arsenal continues to sign a sponsorship contract with CashBet and Lionel Messi, who is also interested in crypto. SportyCo, a decentralized sports investment platform, is also involved in a sponsorship agreement with RCD Espanyol. In addition, the platform is supported by football favorites like Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho.

Blockchain technology is a preferred option for industries based on record keeping. That is why it can be well integrated into the stadium ticketing process. For example, the stadium of Manchester United, Old Trafford, can accommodate nearly 75,000. Tracking records associated with these tickets, for security and marketing purposes, can be a logistical nightmare.

Currently, most sports venues do not know exactly who will enter the stadium. At Premier League football clubs, people do not allow friends to use their season tickets when they are unable to participate in matches.

Football clubs may know a ticket has been used, but it is not always known who. So they will never be able to target. You will have less fan participation. Most clubs and stadiums have this problem. If you set a ticketing system to the blockchain, you can verify whether people attended or who they gave tickets to. If people want to transfer these tickets to friends or others, it must be recorded on the blockchain.

Sports, including football, have a great opportunity to use this new technology and take the lead in applying its future. It can help provide a better service and generate greater revenue. But blockchain technology needs to be presented to sports players in a way that emphasizes that their user experience will be the same, personal and financial details will be much safer.

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