Digital Sport: A Golf Simulator in The White House


Digital sport like a golf simulator is increasingly popular because it saves time and space. The Trackman Simulator set owned by US President Donald Trump is one of the most popular golf simulator systems in the world. It costs up to $ 50000.

In February 2018, Washington Post said President Donald Trump established a $ 50,000 golf simulator system at the White House for personal use. This is considered a popular price for a premium golf simulator system.

The Trackman Simulator, which Mr. Trump owns, is also the most popular golf simulator system on the market, with a long list of courses and simulation scenes from the world’s most famous golf courses.

A three-part golf simulation system: a crank device with a projector and screen, a screen to monitor the swing, record player data and data of virtual practice courses. All are modern digital devices which create a great space to play golf.

The minimum space for a set of TrackMan Simulator is 190 square feet (17 square meters). Players are also required to have an artificial grass to perform shots. The screen of the projector is made of fabric to ensure no damage when the ball hits.

Virtual data is probably the most important component of the emulator system. This data warehouse provides a library of courses for players to choose from. Many of them are simulated from real golf courses. The boot screen keeps track of the ball while helping the player improve the swing.

According to Business Insider, golf simulator systems like this often appear at professional golf clubs or high-end public spaces. Professional golfers also often use the simulator to track and improve their swing. Meanwhile, more amateur golfers use it to enjoy the feeling of being at the world’s most famous golf courses. The modern digital era will give players the feeling of playing golf on the pitch.

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