Look for strategies for short advertising


The cost of advertising to attract viewers’ attention has increased significantly in the past 20 years. Experts are considering how to create ads that attract and keep attention.

Unlike you think, short ads (usually lasting 6 seconds) are becoming more popular than ever. Mr. Dean Challis – Head of Communications Strategy at global advertising company Droga5 said: “The phrase ‘6-second advertising’ almost appears in all the briefs we receive.” He called these ads “sixes” and it began appearing on most creative briefs of Droga5 in the past two years.

Although 6-second ads are becoming popular on online channels, but according to Associate Professor Thales Teixeira, majoring in Business Administration at Harvard University, short advertising trends have existed for over 25 years. . In the 1980s, TV commercials ranged from 60 to 90 seconds, and the content was mostly informational. But in the 1990s, 30-second advertisements – with more dynamic and entertaining content – became the norm. Then, 15-second ads became more popular in the 2000s.

Professor Teixeira said: “When we have the Internet, history begins to repeat.” Advertisers cut the length to 5 seconds, but they soon realized that it was not simply a cut in time, but something that made the advertising short. “Today, ads are made specifically for online social networks, not for broadcasting on television and later revised.”

Short advertising is unlikely to explode into a trend. According to Teixeira’s research, the cost of attracting consumer attention has increased from seven to nine times in the past two decades. He believes that this increase is due to the rich and diverse content of online advertising. So in a myriad of choices, why do they choose to watch ads?

What should and should not do when creating short ads
Don’t: Cutting an ad to only 30 seconds will not work. “You can’t have too many scenes in an ad. Design the story with only one scene or one message.

So: Think of how to catch the attention. Most creators still find ways to create content for products to be sold. Instead, they should think about how to keep everyone’s attention.

Don’t: Don’t forget the brand. Brands must show entertainment in short ads, but cannot forget the main content. “You can’t just entertain for fun. You still have to convince buyers. ”

Should: Know the role of short advertising. “There should be clarity about the message of the ad and its role throughout the campaign. Because with 6 seconds, you really don’t have time to ramble.”

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