Marketing Automation tool according to Woopra rating


Having too many choices is the problem that most companies face when choosing Marketing Automation tool to apply to marketing activities. Besides trying to understand the differences between these tools is becoming increasingly difficult for many businesses.

Below is an article collected by the A1Digihub team from the experience of Woopra – one of the businesses that have successfully applied marketing automation to their marketing activities.

1. Marketo
Standing at the top of the table, this is one of the tools that can be considered the most complete with a full set of features, not only to help marketers manage email campaigns but also a great tool for Sales Manager.

In addition, Marketo has a function called LaunchPoint, with lots of built-in tools.
Marketo is a great choice for companies looking for an advanced tool. It is not the most expensive tool, but it is certainly not the cheapest. If you do not use the advanced functions, Marketo as well as another normal tool.

However, if you want to start from the basics and move towards more advanced functions in the future, you should start with Marketo.

In addition, Marketo has a huge library of knowledge, providing experiences for marketers who want to learn about this field.

2. Oracle Eloqua
This tool is marketer like a Ferrari in marketing automation. It offers a special service that comes at an affordable price.

One of the differences of Eloqua is that they spend a lot of time on customer care and help customers make the most of the product’s functionality.

Similar to Marketo, Eloqua integrates many 3rd party services.

The main reason is popular is because of its flexibility. This is really a tool that allows you to do what you want, you can customize the functions yourself.

Another great thing about this tool is its user-friendly interface and personalized customer support very quickly. Although is one of the new tools on the market, it has grown very rapidly in the past year.

4. Constant Contact
Constant Contact is known as an email marketing tool for small businesses. This is really a great tool for companies that are not technically strong. Ease of use and cost are the biggest differences this tool gives users.

5. Hubspot
The advantage is also that HubSpot’s disadvantage is that users can use many functions but cannot use them intensively.

Hubspot positions itself as an inbound marketing software, which means that it provides many tools with many different functions, including marketing automation.

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