Three future highlights of online advertising in Asia


The online advertising industry in Asia not only has Facebook and Google but the future has more potential than that.

The future of the online advertising industry in Asia is moving forward, not just a dependency that people still think about tech giants (Big Tech) like Google or Facebook.

There are at least 3 points agreed by experts and businesses in the discussions under the recent program ‘Criteo Exec Connect 2019: APAC’.

Firstly, according to Kenneth Pao – Criteo Asia – Pacific CEO, the future of marketing is driven by customers. Unlike before, the initiative no longer belongs to communication channels. Now, it is the consumers who are the target of this market. The Asian market will also be a significant proportion of the global market in the next decade. This means, spending and the importance of this market for the online advertising industry are higher.

Second, online advertising on the Internet is opening up more opportunities. Open Internet is understood as the Internet environment outside of Big Tech platforms such as Facebook and Google. Open Internet currently accounts for only 30% of digital advertising spending, although it accounts for half of Internet users. Most of the remaining spending is flowing into Big Tech’s pocket.

However, the open Internet is playing a big role in Asia. Survey of Criteo said that up to 80% of respondents in Japan said that at least one open channel was used. This rate in India, Korea, Australia and Singapore is also very high, all over 70%.

Third, mobile advertising is becoming the focus of online advertising. “With the transition from e-commerce to mobile commerce, the way of consumer shopping is also constantly evolving. Therefore, the way brands approach shopping should also improve to keep up with buyers. “Mr. Jeneth Pao recommended.

However, approaching mobile trends is also not easy. Enterprise building an application and letting users install is only the first step.

Simon Baptist said: “Targeting customers through mobile is a good strategy. However, retailers will also face low confidence in online security and mobile applications. At the same time, there is uncertainty as to how online customer behavior will develop in immature markets. ”

Increased Internet and mobile traffic is creating new opportunities, enhancing digital infrastructure to make e-commerce far. However, the trend will be different in each Asia-Pacific country, as it depends on infrastructure challenges and local laws. Along with that, mobile strategy is not the only pink path.

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