Top 4 Sports Digital Marketing Trends of 2018


Sport maintains the power to connect Marketing messages at a global level. Sports have its own language to unite audiences through their common passion. That is the reason why the sports market is valued at $ 700 billion and is growing rapidly in relation to the total global GDP. So what are the 4 most significant sports marketing trends in 2018?

# 1: Sports marketing is transitioning to new and other platforms

A key element of change is the way consumers are watching sports today. The old model was the audience gathered around a TV. However, the number of traditional viewers is declining, while the way of watching television has developed in other directions. Mobile phones, virtual reality devices or other digital media appear to have changed everything.

With live streaming, social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram are dominating the interest of young audiences. For example, YouTube Live has just reached an agreement on live reporting of UEFA Champions League finals as a partner of BT Sports sports channel.

# 2: Sports fans require more intimacy and deeper experience

It is true that sport has shifted from a passive form of enjoyment to active audience participation. This creates a strong seismic force in marketing activities. Today’s fans want to get closer to the events, athletes, statistics and the most lively camera angles. They want to have insights from insiders. Therefore, creating unique, charming and exclusive content has become a priority for Marketing people.

# 3: Sports marketing is turning more into lifestyle and entertainment

As fans want to know more about their sports heroes, those athletes will become more and more popular. And this gives them the same status as music stars or actors. They can sign advertising contracts. Also, sports festivals will tend to be like entertainment events.

# 4: Sports marketing is becoming more and more popular

Not only men, but women also pay more attention to sports. Therefore, the campaign for digital sports marketing for women also appears more. Besides, brands also promote campaigns related to gay, transgender or disabled people.

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